Innovative ways to make children learn about Money

by anthonyhemm

Money Management for Kids

I recently thought about teaching some saving habits to my child. Many learning toys are available in the market which teaches about money. I took leaves out of the book of my father and bought some money management games and toys for my Kid. I want to share that briefly with all of you in this post.

Piggy Bank and some innovative Products which teach Children money management

The best way to instill saving habit is to have a piggy bank. I used to have a piggy bank made of clay. I painted it myself and it still is there at my home in my Father’s locker. It still has coins, though have become more of a coin collection now.

There are many innovations done with piggy banks. They are like accounts which tell you the amount of money contained. One day while I was surfing the net I came across a really nice innovation an ATM machine for kids. I immediately ordered it.


 Monopoly the game teaching Buying and Selling

This game was another. I used to love playing this game. Every weekend friends would gather and it would last 4 hours. I learnt how to do business playing this game. It was a great help in developing the business acumen.

There are some nice games on Android platform as well. Take a look at this one.