Salaries depreciating Inflation killing

by anthonyhemm


When I talk to international friends everybody seems to be reporting the same sticky situation. They’re working the same amount (even sometimes piling on the overtime) and yet, as they watch the costs of living and prices of products steadily creep upwards year after year, they are not seeing this raise in costs reflected in their salaries. In fact, in many developed Western countries, salaries seem to be stagnating and entirely static.

Australia is no exception. Alongside an unexpected rise in unemployment, it seems that we’re also experiencing a stagnation of wages. It blows my mind that this can be allowed to happen and seems incredibly insidious. The powers that be think it’s fine to cement and lock ourselves into this routine which sees prices rise but wages die. And then have the nerve to tell us it’s in the name of recovering and improving the economy which they seem to think will miraculously bounce back despite resources dwindling and consumption of goods causing more pollution and waste year after year.

I found a short term solution which I’ll tentatively talk about here. I say tentatively because we all know the dangers of using these sorts of websites, but Ferratum  is a website I’ve used and can recommend first hand. Most people have difficulties making it to the end of the month on their meager salaries and this website can make that gloomy prospect seem much more lighter. Offering easy and immediate loans, used infrequently and with a little caution, Ferratum can be a real life saver.