Are Children Prepared for Future Tech?

by anthonyhemm


Rapidly changing tech means a rapidly changing economy. Just look at it through the prism of history to garner a better understanding. Imagine how the railroad industry started to quickly decline and suffer with the advent of the automobile. The UK wasn’t exactly a pioneering force in the automobile, but it didn’t take long for this relatively small country to become almost completely dependent on cars. This is basically what’s happening now with tech.

There’s a robot or some automated program that can do a lot of the jobs that used to be reserved for labourers. Now, this might be a good thing in the grand scheme, but it’s a bad thing for kids leaving school and looking for starter jobs in the workforce. There are far fewer available today than yesteryear, and there will be far fewer available in the future.

Children coming out of school today seem to be ill prepared to tackle the rigorously changing climate. Because while tech has changed and evolved, curriculum really hasn’t. We’re still teaching very basic science, and just enough math to get by. What we’re going to need going forward are higher standards on premium education in order to prepare our kids.