Sexism and the workplace

by anthonyhemm

This week I have read a report about sexism in the workplace and how it is influencing young women on career paths. The report says that in 1000 women interviewed nearly half actually think that sexism is on the rise. Unfortunately this perspective is also affecting the career choices that are being made; very few young women are looking towards leadership or politics as their chosen career. This will have a knock on effect for the country as fewer women will be available to influence the policies and choices for the country, in my view a very sad loss and one that is a cause for concern. How can we be a leading forward thinking nation when more than half of our female inhabitants are not represented?Sexism reports shocks organisers Plan International

One hope for Australia is a lady who this week was awarded the Australian Financial Review’s Women of Influence Award for 2014.. The award went to Elizabeth Broderick, who is currently the Sex Discrimination Commissioner. One of the judges said “She created a whole new agenda around the way we think about women in leadership. Previously I think it had been seen as a bit of a women’s issue,” he said about her work making men central to change. “Rather than that her her to influence the young women who so need her as the role model she surely is. just arguing from one side and being an antagonist, she brought both sides of the debate together and got them working in the same direction. I think it’s been incredible.” Now all we all have to hope that her influence will extend to those young women who feel there is a limited career path for them.Elizabeth broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner wins award