More Time for Teachers

by anthonyhemm

The latest strike I read about is one which is likely to affect the most valuable asset our country possesses.

This sort of news really riles me up because I can never understand the mentality of the people who allow it to happen. A recent story in The Sydney Morning Herald detailed how students of catholic schools in the city are going to have their learning impacted by teachers strikes. They’re striking because of the introduction of a new pay scheme which will impact teachers who are already performing extra duties without receiving remuneration. Whether or not the teachers deserve the extra money or a better pay scheme is a matter for another article, what bothers me here is the impact on the children.


Forgive me if I sound too preachy but this is the situation as I see it. Unhappy teachers can’t help but bring their moods into the classroom. Children aren’t stupid and they will sense the frustration of the teachers. With friends in the teaching profession I feel like I’m one of the few people who can empathize with their situation. Support is hard to find with pressures laid on from students, parents and head teachers alike.

Progressive reforms in the way a curriculum is designed and taught are what’s needed, not an further stretching of an already over-stretched school staff. Common sense is what’s needed above all!