by anthonyhemm

Mmmmmm, delicious!

Gary Helou, the boss of Australia’s biggest dairy company, spoke out enthusiastically and confidently about the food processing industry. Claiming that now is a great time to invest, Helou spoke about the impeding high demand Asia will soon have for food imports and the excellent reputation Australia holds for producing high quality foods. But who exactly will benefit from the industry in his eyes? Recognizing that Australia has the 6th highest labor cost in the world, Helou advises ”We are high cost, but you build around that. You automate. You take that factor into your design calculus. You don’t design heavy manualised operating plants.” So this advice, although initially sounding as though the industry will bring good things, reveals the truth that the food industry is, in fact, being hijacked. Wealthy investors with enough capital to have robots produce the food will ensure that maximum profits go to minimal pockets. Because automation generally leads to cheaper products, our farmers will likely be unable to compete and have to close down. In the long run, we could see cheap low quality food replacing high quality food on our shelves. And remembering that corporations rarely take the healthy and well being of their customers into consideration, this could spell dark times ahead. Unless you’re investing all your money in food production that is.